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There are many beautiful and interesting things to do on Colorado's Central Plains, just outside your back door. We'd like you to enjoy all of them, no matter your age or your interests. Whether you enjoy photography as an artistic medium or as a hobby, there are plenty of subjects for you in Cheyenne, Elbert, Kit Carson and Lincoln counties... › read more

Donít Miss the 9th Annual
Mountain Plover Festival April 24-26
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Museums are open Memorial Day through Labor or by appointment.

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Call 800-825-0208 for more information or email ddascalos@comcast.net
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Central Plains Map

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Off the Beaten Trail

Coloradoís Central Plains Museums are open Memorial Day through Labor Day. From September through May we invite you to explore the area by visiting antique shops, taking photos and exploring our Off the Beaten Trail geocaching sites.

Prairie Living

Here on Colorado's Central Plains, you can plug in or power down at your own pace. Work from home, raise a family, build friendships, and connect to great communities. Across our four growing counties, you can design your life in a way that makes sense, not too far from (but not too close to) major cities. Explore some of the best hometowns and counties our state has to offer. › learn more


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